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MediaOwl v2



The last months, after winning the extraordinary CM-Contest, I did nearly 90 % of my development work with Caliburn Micro (Just to show how relief this framework is). In this period of time, CM has grown and (thus) changed considerably. As I have never changed MediaOwl since then, I decided to renew this award-winning Silverlight Application.

My thoughts were, that I wanted to make an (even more) useful application. Thing is: you can hardly do that with a sample application. I had to make a tradeoff, and the result is, that those, who already read the docs and experimented a bit with CM, may find MediaOwl a useful source for further knowledge or ideas. On the other hand, MediaOwl may not be the best sample to start CM & Silverlight from scratch.

I must admit that the current lack of documentation is frustrating. I’m trying to counteract this deficiency, but it may take a while. If you have any questions, please drop me a note in the Discussions or via roland.auer[at]! Every (senseful and answerable) question answered will be published in the docs, so everyone can help the community!

Same procedure for bugs you find, of course!


Project Description

MediaOwl is a multimedia search engine, but above all, it is a Microsoft Silverlight 4 application, that shows how to use Caliburn Micro. I have to point out that this is a sample application, not a tutorial application. That means you can look at this app and its code and get smart, not that you can read a text, build an app and get taught (If you'd like that, look at the CM-Docs!).

Btw, you can find a demo on this page.

You can find some FAQs in the Documentation, but of course you can send me an e-mail with your questions to roland [dot] auer [at] ra-design [dot] at, if questions are not answered.

What's the application for?

As written above, you can search for several topics in Bing, music and movies. In the music-part you can search for artists, albums, tracks or you sort them out by using the top tags. In the movies-part you can search for titles, which means movies and series, people, which means actors and directors, or a genre. Finally, there is a test-part, which shows the basic functionality of Caliburn Micro. 

Where's the data from?

The general search is powered by the Bing v2 API, the music search is powered by, getting the data from their REST-service. The movie search is powered by Netflix, where its OData-Service is used.


What about the source?

The code is under MIT-License. I have to point out, that if you'd like to build the application, you have to fill in your personal first! The key is stored in LastFmDataAccess.resx.

Final Question: Why... just why?

Basically, I made this application for myself, just to get used to CM, MVVM, REST, OData and several other abbreviations. As sample-apps in CM are rare until now, I thought why not publish it, maybe it is helping someone.



Screenshot of MediaOwl

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